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The Unobtainium Podcast with Oz Khan: Strategy, Achievement and Personal Development

May 8, 2023


On this episode of our podcast, we have the pleasure of chatting with Dr. Matt Morgan, a world-renowned intensive care doctor, researcher, and author. Dr. Morgan's open letter to patients during the COVID pandemic went viral, reaching millions of people worldwide, and he has been a frequent contributor to top publications like The Guardian, The Times, and The British Medical Journal.

Dr. Morgan's upcoming book "One Medicine" explores the fascinating intersection between animal science and human medicine. His investigation spanned continents, species, and millennia, uncovering surprising connections and insights. From kangaroos to humpback whales, Dr. Morgan shows us how a better understanding of the animal world can lead to untold medical advances and improve the lives of humans and animals alike.

But before we dive into the book, we chat with Dr. Morgan about his experience with emigrating to Australia and then returning back home, exploring the benefits and concerns he had before making the big move and how he feels about the decision now.

So join us for an insightful and inspiring conversation with Dr. Matt Morgan, as we explore the fascinating world of animal science and its intersection with human medicine, and learn about his exciting journey from Wales to Australia and back.

About the Guest (from his website)

I am an intensive care doctor, researcher and author. My open letter addressed to patients during the COVID pandemic has been read by over half a million people worldwide and viewed over three million times after featuring on Channel 4.

My first book Critical (Simon & Schuster, 2019) has been translated into six languages and featured in The Times. I have spoken to large audiences at some of the largest book festivals in the world including Hay and Ubud. My articles have featured in The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Spectator, Esquire, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Mirror and The Huffington Post.

As a regular writer for the internationally acclaimed British Medical Journal, my article ‘A letter from the ICU’ is one of their most popular ever opinion articles, read by over 130,000 people. Since narrating the highly rated audiobook of Critical, I have spoken on several popular podcasts and radio programmes including The Today Program on BBC Radio 4 and international talk shows.

I have appeared on several television programs including Sky News, CNN, ITV, The BBC, The Jeremy Vine Show and international channels. I was nominated for the 2020 Royal Society David Attenborough Prize for public engagement in science. I currently live between Perth, Australia and Cardiff with my family.

 About the host: 

Oz Khan is a strategist, passionate about personal development, coach and general all round business person. You can find more on his linkedin profile.