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The Unobtainium Podcast with Oz Khan: Strategy, Achievement and Personal Development

Jun 29, 2020

Ed Kressy is probably the only person ever to have once been arrested by the FBI, then gone on to receive a community service award from the director of the FBI!

Ed threw away many opportunities: Career with Fortune Magazine's "Best Company in America to Work For," home ownership in San Francis­ co, many loving relationships. He spent years in psychosis and destitu­ tion, months in jail, nights in homeless shelters. Yet today Ed achieved a lifelong dream by publishing a book, My Addiction & Recovery: Just Because You're Done with Drugs, Doesn't Mean Drugs Are Done with You (Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press) as well as articles in The Washington Post. He appeared on stage for The Moth and delivered talks for MIT, Cisco, Google, and Linkedln.

About the Guest: 

Ed volunteers inside maximum-security prisons and jails, helping incar­ cerated persons develop skills for employment, entrepreneurism, and self-advocacy. He volunteers for law enforcement, helping them better serve communities affected by incarceration and addiction.

We discuss: 


Escape is possible, from the most hopeless-seeming circumstances: inspiration, insights, and practical tools


Second chances benefit the society that gives them, as much as they benefit persons with histories of addiction/incarceration who receive them


Overcoming severe mental health challenges without medication: A proven path of spirituality, self-improvement, and service to others


Oz Khan is a strategist, passionate about personal development, coach and general all round business person. You can find more on his linkedin profile.