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The Unobtainium Podcast with Oz Khan: Strategy, Achievement and Personal Development

Mar 31, 2022

Oz Khan returns after an extended break.  Having lost his sister in 2021 he contends with 1) Whether its a good idea to have an obsession with achievement.

2) Living our best lives and thinking about how we want to live hereonin.

3) The importance of strength and doing things now.

4) Recovery - the importance of it and how long it might it take.


I have also republished a "best of" from series 1 and will be publishing a new set of episodes.

About Oz Khan (from his website):

Hello, good to meet you online. I’m Oz. Over the last 20 years I’ve worked in the fields of strategy, personal and business development and technology. I help individuals and businesses to achieve their potential through consulting, coaching and results oriented delivery.

I have delivered successful business assignments in the fields of technology, strategy, supply chain and management consulting with several billion-pound plus organisations.

My experience is supported by a degree in Artificial Intelligence in addition to and MBA and a Masters of Enterprise and I have lectured for top universities.

In my spare time I’m a keen photographer, debater, Manchester City fan and family man. I currently podcast, lecture, work in the NHS and am writing a book!

Please do get in touch on linkedin or via other social medial channels which you can find on my website.